Notification & Guidelines

Notification Form

Ultimate beneficial owners or their respective corporate service providers shall fill-in the form in line with the guidelines provided.


Applicants will be notified in writing, via email, on the outcome of their notification form.

Guidelines to the Notification Form


  1. European Country means any country within the European Union. For the purpose of this assessment, United Kingdom and the European Economic Area countries are considered as third countries.


  1. The applicant must provide sufficient proof of the sources of funding of the investment. The Office can seek to carry out independent due diligence on each or some of the UBOs.


  1. As from 11th October 2020, investments from third countries with the activities mentioned in Schedule to the Act, shall be obliged to notify the National Foreign Direct Investment Screening Office before submitting the Memorandum and Articles or other relevant forms to the Malta Business Registry, for the registration of the company or for other transaction purposes.


  1. In the case of companies having ownership of intellectual property, such as patents and any other incorporeal rights, resulting from activities listed in Schedule to the Act, this notification form is to be submitted.